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Mail Ballot

Mail Ballot Overview:

Any otherwise qualified Rhode Island voter may vote by mail ballot in the following circumstances:

1. A voter within the State of Rhode Island who is incapacitated to the extent that it would be an undue hardship to vote at the polls because of illness, or mental or physical disability, blindness, or serious impairment of mobility.

2. An elector who is confined to a hospital, convalescent home, nursing home, rest home, or similar institution, public of private, within the State of Rhode Island. http://www.elections.ri.gov/voting/nursing.php

3. An elector who will be temporarily absent from the state because of employment or service intimately connected with military operations or who is a spouse or legal dependent residing with that person, or a United States citizen that will be outside of the United States. (Please Note: any voter qualified to vote a category 3 mail ballot  will also be allowed to cast a mail ballot pursuant to the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act “UOCAVA Act” http://sos.ri.gov/elections/voters/overseas/)

4. An elector who may not be able to vote at his or her polling place in his or her city or town on the day of the election (see “No Excuse Mail Ballot Voting” below).

All mail ballots must be received by the State Board of Elections at 50 Branch Avenue Providence, R.I. 02904 by 8:00 P.M. the night of the election.

No specific reason necessary

If you may not be able to get to the polls on Election Day, you can fill out a mail ballot application and receive a mail ballot.

More on voting by mail

Applying for a Mail Ballot http://www.elections.ri.gov/voting/applymail.php

Emergency Mail Ballots http://www.elections.ri.gov/voting/emergency.php

Military and Overseas Voters  http://sos.ri.gov/elections/voters/overseas/